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After starting diagnostic session, I keep receiving empty responses

Hi All,

I've search through the forum, but I couldn't find my question, so sorry if it's duplicated somewhere.

I'm developing a program using Nixnet LIN protocol. Right now the application is working: I perform requests and I receive the responses.

I'm using a LIN Interface: NIXNET USB-8506

My problem is, with a diagnostic session created, after sending the first nxWriteFrame I get the response, but after that I keep receiving empty responses until I stop or clear the session (see attached images).



I've tried different configurations but I can't find the solution for this issue.


On my session I've setted the State with nxWriteState of nxState_LINDiagnosticScheduleChange to nxLINDiagnosticSchedule_MasterReq and everytime I send any request with nxWriteFrame, I start to receive those empty responses non-stop.


Any ideas what's wrong or what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!


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Since you are using C programming, I assume that you don't have LabVIEW.

Here are the snippets of shipping examples for your reference on how you should program it correctly.







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Thansk for the information.


I've checked the diagrams and the communication seems  to be configured correctly (session for master and slave, session mode for each one, session state, etc.), but the issue is still there.


Although I'm using C programming, I also have LabVIEW, but I can't find the example. Could you add you example, so I can test it and compare the differences with my application?

Thanks in advance,


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