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PhD LabVIEW developer, Northern CA, can travel to Bay Area

A few years ago I was involved as chief programmer in a three-year LabVIEW software development project for the Chemistry Department at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. The project included data acquisition (with input, output, and signaling in precise lockstep), management of custom hardware, convolution computation in which I wrote an external C++ add-on to gain speed, creation of a custom file format (because datafilee are often too large to be contained in memory at one time) and extensive data analysis with an extensive user interface supporting it. The project, now available to the public, is called HDCV and can be obtained from the University of North Carolina.


I'm looking for more LabVIEW work, perhaps along these lines. I live near Redding, California, and am prepared to work remotely and commute to the Bay Area from time to time as needed to maintain effective contact.


I can get you a glowing recommendation from my boss on that project, Prof. Mark Wightman.




PhD Computer Science, Stanford University, 1988

BA Physics, minor in Chemistry, University of Virginia, 1980.

(All of which came in useful, together, in the pursuit of  my recent project.)

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