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CLD looking for opportunities in Greater Seattle area, continuous LabVIEW experience since 1999.

I am currently looking for new job opportunities in Seattle area.

In addition to my broad educational background including two Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics, numerous Computer Science courses taken, and many years of diverse experience in programming, system administration, and support, I have a history of numerous successful projects in the areas of industrial automation, automated control, data acquisition, measurement and test.

I've been a LabVIEW developer since 1999, got certified as a CLD in 2003 and 2017 (good through 2020) and as a CLA in 2005.

In 2004, long before the Statecharts Toolkit, LVOOP, and Actors Framework, let alone DQMH (which just got an award on NI Week 2016!) I created my own architecture and LabHSM, a toolkit for advanced event-driven actor-based development in LabVIEW and a little later made a simplified EDQSM design pattern you can still find on LAVA.

A couple of my other past contributions to the LabVIEW community:
- Created the PMS Assistant utility, well known by the LabVIEW developers interested in exploring undocumented VI Scripting features when NI tried to hide it again in LabVIEW 8 after exposing in the previous version;
- Updated the famous Tunnel Wiring Wizard utility for LabVIEW 8;

I also have done several projects involving HMI, digital I/O, motion control, vision, communication between a PC and PLC's, using not only LabVIEW but also Visual Basic, Think & Do, Steeplechase and other software tools which proves that my experience and background enable me to master any software development tool quickly, making me a perfect candidate who can always keep up with the ever-changing world of computer technologies.

In the recent years I had quite extensive experience with not only storing the test data from stations running software made in LabVIEW into an SQL Server database but also making web-based reports using SQL Server Reporting Services. As you can guess from EDX certificates appearing on my LinkedIn profile (, I am currently pursuing Microsoft Professional Degree in Data Science.

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Hi Stanislav,

I'm looking for a SW manager or individual contributor for LabVIEW development on a machine tool with precision motion, vision, laser metrology. We're in Irvine CA.  If you are available to be onsite most of the time, let me know and we'll talk further.  I'm looking for full time, but can use something like a 6 month engagement.




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