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CLD in Seattle area seeking contract work

Hi all,


I am located just north of Seattle, seeking short- to medium-term length LabVIEW contract work in the greater Seattle area.  I hold a BSEE from the University of Washington and have been a CLD since 2008.  I started programming in LabVIEW in 1997, and have been doing LabVIEW development on a full-time, freelance basis since 2008.  Some of my specific areas of expertise include DAQ, .NET and ActiveX interfacing with other programs (such as Excel or BeamView), VISA serial communication (primarily with instruments, such as oscilloscopes, power meters, network analyzers, etc.), GPIB, CANbus, Modbus, I2C.


I have posted plenty of example code over the years, so browsing my posts on this forum will give a good idea of my programming style.  Sample code is also available upon request.


Please respond to this post or PM me if I can help with your LabVIEW programming needs.  I am available to do remote work, but am not available for jobs that require extensive travel outside the greater Seattle area.




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Hi Diane,

I was wondering if you would be interested in a small and short term project? I am working on replicating a column strength tester and i would prefer to use Labview to interface with the peripheral hardware. Fyi, the original source code was created with Basic Programming Language and it is what you will be provided to recreate the system's function/operation in LabView. The primay objective of the system's application is to control 2 stepper motors that are used to position the test samples, deflect the test samples on a weigh  scale and retrieve/acquire peak force from the balance weigh scale. If you are interested please respond and let me know if you are ok to continue this discussion outside of this forum.   

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Hi Jade,

I sent you a PM.



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I am currently hiring a LabVIEW Developer. I'd like to schedule some time to connect to discuss your background. I can be reached at


Best regards,


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Hi Dianne,

Are you still doing  Lab View work in the Seattle area?  We're looking for help.


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Hi Bob,


Yes, I am.  Please feel free to send me a PM if you would like to talk further.



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