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15 years experience, MSEE Stanford, LabView Expert since 2001


  Thanks for reading.  I have extensive experience working at companies such as Tesla, Google, Sandia National Laboratories, and many startups large and small.  LabView is far and away my favorite programming language so I am here to see if there is any work to do.


My name is Patrick Schindler.  I have an MSEE from Stanford where I majored in Compilers.  I dont hold any LabView certs but I have been actively using LabView since before there were certs to speak of and have attended many training seminars, events like NI week, etc. while working at the National Labs.

Pictures of my previous work on LinkedIn  (if you cant see pics just make a request and mention this forum)

A random blog post on my website giving one take on Test Engineering using NI products R&D thru Production

My direct email and phone number


I am formally trained in parsing, regular expressions, and hardcore underlying functionality that can make very complicated things simple.  I have spent two decades working with every kind of device you would want to wrap LabView around... from meters to scopes, power supplies to programmable loads, microwatts to kilowatts.


I consider this fun work...  so I wont gouge you on rates...  especially if its a relaxed working environment.  


There is no LabView solvable problem which I can not quickly solve in a clean way.  I have already made every sort of spaghetti mistake that a jr Engineer can make...  so I will write your code as I would want it written for myself.


Along with my code you get my experience...  thats free of charge if we hit it off.







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Great experience so far. Thank you for sharing. 

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