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Freelance worker

Re: Freelance worker

You're just the candidate that I've been looking for! When can you start?
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Re: Freelance worker

In two years timeSmiley Very Happy
Ray Farmer
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Re: Freelance worker

Could we let this die?  I think you're beating a dead horse, although I do appreciate the humour. H.A.N.D.Smiley Tongue
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Re: Freelance worker

I c u need dead horse beeten. I can suppli u with such services, $300 USD per beeting or equivalent in mud matching wait of horse, pluz travel and per deum. I live in Elbonia. 110% garantee that horse still dead after beeting. U can also sheep me horse by Air Elbonia. I can also write softwarzes too. C my referenzes below:

"It’s the questions that drive us.”
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Re: Freelance worker

Now we know where tst lives..

and charges 1/2 my rates!  Smiley Very Happy

tst wrote:

hi. I hvae ex[erience with labView and can work for 674$ an hour.

I live in ushuaia.

Will you hire me?




Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Freelance worker

Hey i am interested to do your work. I am very good in Labview.


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Re: Freelance worker

Obviously while a good LabVIEW programmer, you aren't getting the concept here. The posts were from YEARS ago, and most were in jest in response to earlier posts that obviously didn't pay attention to details. As Details tend to be important in engineering, most who don't pay attention do get hired as engineers.

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Re: Freelance worker

Oo..I am also interested in some freelance work.  JUST KIDDING! This thread is so entertaining =)

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Re: Freelance worker



Any freelancer in LabView! Urgent Require for a project in research!



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Re: Freelance worker



If you are serious about hiring a programmer, create a new thread instead of hijacking an old and much abused one. Did you not read any of the comments here.

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