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data reader for cards

data reader for cards


        i'm totally new in using labveiw. now i'm doing a project for my school.. is regarding reading data from a sd card and plot it on a graph.

        as i totally new ... i manage to source some vi which is similiar to wat i'm doing ..

        but just that the plot is different.  will be appreciate someone who kindly can help mi out .

        i wish to plot the time on the x axis of my graph,and the ADC valve on the y-axis.

        but not sure y the vi dun response to my .txt file ..

        belo i the .vi n .txt ..


Sincerely thankful for any help ..


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Re: data reader for cards

I'm not sure what your problem is. The VI you posted works fine and reads the text file you posted as well (and is actually not bad for someone who just started). If the problem is reading from an analog channel, that will depend on which card it is. If it's made by NI, you can probably read it by using the DAQmx VIs.


In any case, you should post the question to the LabVIEW board. You can also try posting it in your native language (in the same thread), as some people there probably speak it.


If you want to learn more about LabVIEW, I suggest you try looking at some of these tutorials.

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Re: data reader for cards


sorry to disturb ,attached is a vi which i found online..

and is similar to wat i need to do..

but this vi can read only few of information ..

whereas i need to read a day(split into sec) of information.

how can i make it to display all the lines of information?

and how i can make it read only channel 1? and ignore all other channel ?

really thanks ..mine iis a LV8.2



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Re: data reader for cards

I will let people in the LabVIEW board answer this.

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