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Re: Guide Your Ongoing Development with NI Badges

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Learn how the NI Badge Program can help you gain new skills, test your knowledge for free, and collect shareable digital badges.


The recently released NI Badges Program provides an easy tool for assessing your current understanding and proficiency in key product and application areas, and to guide your continuing education to expand your skills into new areas.


Learn about the NI Badge Program



Learning Badges - Test your understanding of engineering fundamentals and best practices using NI products with free online assessments.


Professional Certification Badges - Demonstrate that you have the skills needed to create high-quality applications using NI software with an industry-recognized certification.


Community Advocacy Badges - Gain recognition for your technical leadership, participation, and contributions to the NI user community and ecosystem.


Learning Badges


LV Programming.pngLearning Badges are the building blocks of the badges program, providing the opportunity for engineers to test their understanding of small sets of knowledge related to certain products or applications. Each badge consists of a multiple-choice assessment, as well as related learning materials that provide the information necessary in order to develop the knowledge pertaining to the badge.


LabVIEW Programming Fundamental Badge


Learning Paths


Learning Paths, also called Level 2 badges, combine multiple badges into a development guide to achieve a specific learning objective, such as proficiency in using a product or understanding of an application development area.


Of particular interest to Alliance Partners at this time are the LabVIEW NXG Programming and the Test Principles learning paths.


LabVIEW NXG Programming


The LabVIEW NXG Programming learning path provides a simple tool for partner engineers to become familiar with and test their understanding of the new LabVEW NXG environment. While many of the features and programming principles are similar to LabVIEW, it will be helpful to use the provided learning materials and related assessments to guide and test your learning of this new platform.


The LabVIEW NXG Programming learning path consist of four individual badges each of which must be achieved in order to receive this badge.


NXG Programming.png

LabVIEW NXG Programming Learning Path Made Up of Four Learning Badges


Test Principles


The Test Principles learning path is focused on the fundamentals of developing basic test applications, and is a great tool to train and evaluate new developers and test engineers on their understanding of these basic principles. The Test Principles badge earner will have a foundational knowledge of test and measurement principles for use with a test platform. 


Test Principles.png

Test Principles Learning Path with One Badge Completed 


The Test Principles learning path is also a good example of other future application-focused learning paths that are currently in development. These learning paths can help team leaders and Learning & Development managers guide their teams on their continuing education efforts.




We encourage and invite all partner engineers to take advantage of these new training resources and use them to guide your ongoing development on the NI platform.


authored by
Christian L, CLA
Principal Development Manager - Partner Program
Applications Engineering Senior Manager - Data Acquisition, Control, and Real-Time Test
National Instruments - Austin, TX

Active Participant

I see there are more badges recently and more roll-up (Paths). I also see there is a new Badges > My Backpack which is supposed to show earned badges.

The Backpack only shows the badges I earned recently and not my Certification Badges, or badges earned prior to the My Backpack rolling out (I'm supposing).  Is there a way to get all my badges synched up to My Backpack?

Everything links up properly for Path badges, and Acclaim is showing all my Badges.


Ryan Vallieu
Senior Systems Analyst II
NASA Ames Research Center

Hi Ryan,


At this point, only learning badges appear in the "My Backpack" page. We will be including the Certification badges on that page in 2019.


Three of the badges that you earned during the Badge Pilot Program in 2017 are still included in the official May 2018 launch: Sensors and Signals, Measurement Fundamentals, and NI-DAQmx Programming. We did a data migration for people who earned those badges so that they would show up on both and Acclaim. I looked at your account and you should now see those showing in your profile. Please make sure that you see them here:  That update to your account also triggered the issuance of the Taking Physical Measurements badge. You should now see that in your backpack too.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thank you,

Gretchen Edelmon

Digital Infrastructure Manager - Customer Proficiency - National Instruments


Images are not shown on the LabVIEW Syntax badge assessment.


When I try to take this assessment the images that belong to the questions won't load. It's ok on other badge assessments but not on this one.


Best Regards,

Stefan Lemmens