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Are there zoom tools?

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My users need to zoom in on parts of their graphs in 99% of the applications I write. Are there built in zoom tools similar to the standard LabVIEW plots?

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What's blocking you from using the built in tools? 

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@RkTrey wrote:

What's blocking you from using the built in tools? 

That's my question, are there built-in zoom tools for the Advanced Plotting Toolkit? As far as I can tell all of the Advanced Plotting Toolkit plots are shown in a picture control. AFAIK, picture controls don't have built-in zoom tools.

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Oh heck I'm sorry; I completely overlooked what forum this was posted in. 


I don't think this toolkit provides any interactive features. If you need user interaction and your distribution can include Python, you may take a look at ( was released, about a year ago. plots are super feature rich though I can't speak to how well works. 


You could attempt to roll your own zoom features for the picture control ( but I'd wager reworking your code base to work with would result in better useability in shorter delivery time.

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Thanks for the info. I like the sound of but the Python distribution requirement is going to make things a bit more difficult than I'd like, so I'll probably stick to the standard LabVIEW plotting tools, even though the APT plots look WAY nicer. I can't justify the time requirement to get custom zoom working in APT 😕

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