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One of my customers wants to scale voltage to scaled data with look-up table, but calculated channel in VeriStand 2011 does not support it. Custome device doing LUT scaling might be created, but it is better to offer LUT scaling function Smiley Happy


Working in Veristand is much easier in engineering units as this is what models often require.


It would be beneficial to add scaling to DAQ channels using DAQmx scales. This could be applied on a channel by channel basis.

VeriStand can log data in Stimulus Profile, whose extention is .tdms. That include dt(time step) information, but that is not handled as waveform data in DIAdem. That way, it is a bother to gemerate time stamp data.

For example, when DIAdem opens .tdms file created by LabVIEW, the data is handled as waveform data.  So it is easy to generate time stamp data by "Numeric Channels<-> Waveform Channels" functions in DIAdem. However, .tdms file created by VeriStamd is not handled as waveform. So, it is a bother to create and add time stamp data.


Improvements: It is better to give some file format options: 1 .tdms format as waveform  2. .csv format with time-stamp



Under labview we were able to define some signals as differential and others RSE.  In VeriStand, the devices settings applies to the card not the channel in the System Explorer.

This needs to be an option.