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Make the Measurement & Automation Explorer ( MAX ) Import Assistant Window resizable, because now not all informations are visible to the user:



Please modify the VIs from the NI-CAN Frame API library in order to use the 4x2x2x4 connector (pattern 4815) or at least a symmetrical connector.

The improved library would avoid wire bends (error cluster, ObjHandle...) and simplify the alignment of the VIs.


CAN Frame API.jpg


For example this is the current connector of :


CAN VI connector.jpg

For some reason you can only set the time zone of your PAC from NI Max...if you need to adjust the date or time you need to run a VI in LabVIEW or build an app (!!). Neiter intuitive nor practical...


Add a time setting function in NI Max so that anyone with NI Max can adjust the clock without having to touch the code that runs on it. That's how people expect it to work.

I tried posting this in "Additional NI Software Idea Exchange", but could not find the "Post New Idea" button.


I have just started using the LabVIEW Embedded for ARM evaluation kit and it looks like an interesting product for seasoned LabVIEW programmers. I've already extensively used LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real-Time and LabVIEW FPGA. Once I'm familiar with LabVIEW Microcontroller, I'll be able to target PCs, CompactRIO Real-Time Controllers, FPGAs and 32-bit microcontrollers. That's quiet a range of target platforms ranging from powerful to deterministic to low-cost.


One of the problems I see is that the number of microcontrollers that are available as part of an out-of-box experience is limited to two (OK, strictly speaking 3). Also, these processors (ARM7 and ARM Cortex M3) are not the most recent and powerful industry offerings. For example, the more recent ARM9 is 4 times more powerful and the ARM11 is 15 times more powerful!


My idea is to introduce an additional out-of-box microcontroller in the LabVIEW Microcontroller range. This should be at least an ARM9 and preferably ARM11. An appropriate high-featured evaluation board should be identified (analog in, analog out, several I2C, UARTS, SPI/SSP, USB, ethernet, display, etc). I think such a move will increase the popularity and usefulness of LabVIEW Microcontroller several fold.

The error messages and the texts in MAX are displayed in the current user language. This is based on the selected user keyboard language. This is very anoying for me because I'm working in Switzerland. 


We use the English version of LabVIEW to develop our software and, depending on the users, we get messages in german, in french or in english.


I would appreciate to be able to really choose the language I will use.

Currently in order to use data logs from other projects in Signal Express you either have to import them one at a time or import all of the data logs from a particular project. 


This problem is compounded when trying to transfer data logs between computers.  Users should be able to either select multiple files when importing single files or they should be able to just open the folder where the data logs are stored and then drag and drop them directly into the Logs section of the new project.



hi all,


Currently the MAX - GPIB - connected Instruments Window (located at the bottom) is currently not adjustable. And if you have more than 4 devices you have to scroll to see all of them. Why not enabling this functionality? As on top there would be enough space (as the GPIB Interface Properties could be placed in a different sheet).