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Please change the NI uninstaller program in Windows to be resizable. You have a tiny list box to list all the MANY little applications that NI installs. It's so small, though, that I have to constantly scroll to read the names. Vertical scrolling only would be tolerable. It's the horizontal scrolling, too, that is most annoying.

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Posted this in Data Acquisition Ideas as well, but it seems like it would be implemented with something like MAX, so...


When dealing with various remotely deployed cRIO hardware configurations, it may be impossible to keep a sample configuration of every type of system we ever sell.  Unfortunately, if upgrades or revisions are made to the base code in our system, remotely deploying to our customers becomes impossible unless we have their exact configuration on-hand for the programmers to compile.  Remote connection to the hardware for this type of operation is also not typically possible.


To be able to simulate or emulate a full cRIO system (processor & hardware modules), then compile the RT code for deployment on that system as if it is physically connected to our development system would be ideal.  This would allow images to be created, which can be sent to customers for local deployment at their facility.  Dramatic decrease in "hardware library" requirements on the development end, reduction in "on-site upgrade" service trip costs to the customers.  Plus, easier for OEMs like me to justify the move away from PLC types of hardware and towards cRIO, once you take away some of the potentially nightmarish continued support and update issues involved with basing systems on cRIO platforms.

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With VLM 3.1, a number of default reports are available (License Activity, Client Activity, ...).

Some of the default reports (License Activity, Seat utilization and Seat Utilization (Concurrent)) have a License field that the user need to complete.


The issue I have is that we are using different licenses (Dev Suite, Dev Suite with Data Management, Dev Suite with FPGA, ...) and that I cannot generate a report that includes all licenses together.


My request is to have the possibility to select "All licenses" in the License field.


I am more than willing to validate this feature in an alpha/beta release.

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I've been working with LabVIEW for about 3 years, on the same PC.

All the time I've installed all the NI-Updates.

This time the LV 2016 update couldn’t be done, because of lack of memory space on my PC. I’ve deleted a lot of data, but 48 GB (!!!) still weren’t enough.


In the directory C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Update Service\Installers there are several older (up to 2013) folders. Overall data volume of these was 131 GB! This is a half of my hard drive!!!

Why didn’t NI-Updater suggested to remove these old data before I have started to remove some MBs of my old documents?!! Is the data really essential for NI-SW? Is there ANY need for this data on my PC?

I’m really embarrassed by this issue. To overload clients PCs with such a trash data is not a good approach!

And regarding LabVIEW-Updates, I think the installer should ask the user if he/she wants to keep the old version of LV instead of always keeping it on PC.

What is the point on keeping the old version of LabVIEW anyway? Once opened with a new version, no VI can be opened with the older one.

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I have detected a small but cumbersome problem witch at the end of the day can grow to a problem with heavy impact related to security updates.


In the actual release, the NI Volume License Manager can disable the NI Update Service on the client machines if the Administrator of the Volume License Manager sets the option “Disable NI Update Service on all client machines”.


Now, for example, there is a scenario on witch clients get the License for a DIAdem installation from the NI Volume License Server and get the License for a LabVIEW installation from the local License Manager.


The problem is, that the user cannot update his LabVIEW application using the NI Update Service because it is blocked by the administrator of the NI Volume License Manager for the DIAdem installations.


There should be the possibility to disallow the Updates by Products instead of disallow the whole NI Update Service.


With best regards


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I suggest including TWAIN protocol support in the IMAQ Vision drivers.  

Kira T

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I recently handled a service request (SR# 1698819) in which a customer was confused why TestStand was not listed in License Manager (LM) when his admin had generated a disconnected license.   For him, all that was showing up in his LM was the following screen shot:




I explained that the Developer Suite with Industrial Monitoring and Automated Test (Disconnected License) includes a disconnected license for TestStand. 


The product suggestion I'm making involves being able to expand disconnected suites by clicking a plus button to the left of the suite for example to view all of the software that's available to the client.  This will avoid future confusion on the customer's end and reduce support call volume.

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Send the VLA log automatically as notification to the VLM administrator. 

The VLM log can send the logfile automatically to NI, however this is not an option when the server is not connected to the internet. In this case, emails can be send to the administrator. It would be great if the VLA log will be attached to the email, so that the administrator can forward this to NI. 

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Currently, Switch Executive virtual devices can only be imported and exported through Switch Executive itself.  It would be really nice if instead Switch Executive virtual devices were handled through the MAX configuration import and export wizards.  This would simplify test system deployment, particularly since the MAX configuration import wizard can be easily automated through deployment installers.  Importing of Switch Executive devices can currently be automated, but you have to create an executable using the Switch Executive Configuration API and then call that executable using a batch file called by your deployment installer.  It would be so much simpler and more consistent if the MAX configuration wizards supported Switch Executive in addition to other products such as DAQmx and VISA.

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For a reason I don't know, NI Softmotion team remove the function "write position setpoint" to all 951x axis. I'm using four (4) 9514 axis right now that all need to use this function at sometime in my code.


This function is really useful when design a motion tracking system and also for PID tuning to check step response.


I can't upgrade to LabVIEW 2018 for this reason without non-desired work-around.


Please work on reenabling this fonction on all 951x axis.

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Hi there,


as my volume license manager is not able to handle more than ~850 registered computers, I need the creation date or register date of a computer to run a proper inventory every month (no usage AND present also last month -> deletion of computer).


I need this function urgently to have a stable service and license allocation.



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Systemlink seems unaware of software changes deployed to a Managed System outside of the SystemLink Systems Manager.  If I install a software package using Systems Manager to an RT client, then install something else on the same client directly from LabView, Systems Manager will continue to show the original package as the Installed Software.  Ideally the SystemLink client on the RT target should recognize the difference and report to Systems Manager that an unknown package is installed.  Additionally, Systems Manager should have a Reinstall option on its installed software tab.  The current procedure is to uninstall the currently installed version, then install it from the Available software tab.

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I frequently switch between developing at my desk, and debugging in the lab. After I switch work areas, I sometimes find that LabVIEW is still open on the other machine (usually just the annoying splash screen for LabVIEW projects). It would be nice if the NI License Manager allowed a force-check-in of remote Network Licenses so I could reclaim my seat without walking back to close an application.

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We have VLA Named-User licenses hosted from our NI VLM server. If there are no Network License seats available, LabVIEW should notify the user. Instead, it opens the Activation Wizard and starts prompting for serial numbers like a standard non-VLA install. It's not intuitive, especially to new LabVIEW users, or new members of a VLA.

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National Instruments has terabytes of software. And, new software is being released everyday!


It is becoming increasingly difficult to find specific versions of NI Software. Occasionally marketing will change the name of a package, or a specific software package becomes bundled into a much larger install file.



By having a BitTorrent option it would greatly speed up the download process of NI software.

Also when multiple packages are needed such as Real-Time, and FPGA it is simple to create a list of downloads that are linked by a BitTorrent Seed link. 

When attempting to create links to the NI website downloads there is are guarantee that the link will work years from now. Where with the BitTorrent a long as there are peers available the BitTorrent link is 'mostly' functional. 


By placing NI software on a BitTorrent downloads will be faster. 


This same concept could be extend to additional tools such as the JKI Package manager. 

Of course BitTorrent would not replace the traditional website or FTP downloads from NI since many larger companies block P2P transfers. With that in mind many companies allow exception to this rule with a legitimate business need. 


This seems to be a sensible option. It could be part of the the licensing agreement with colleges. A slight educational discount in exchange for hosting NI software on there BitTorrent services along with their Linux Distros.(i don't know if that would be an option)


As a contractor I can easily spend a day or more just downloading NI software with each client I work with. And, then (on rare occasion) I run into the hassle of downloading the wrong version or language only to repeat the download. 

The NI website does a lousy job identifying (grouping) packages by release date to ensure that all downloads are in lock step with each other.

Having BitTorrent Seed links would not help that, but it would greatly simplify communications to others on a team what was downloaded.


The image below is an example of what adding a BitTorrent link would look like.


It would also be nice if NI also added a SHA checksum along with the MD5 checksum. The MD5 has been proven to have security weakness and it is possible to fake a MD5 checksum. This would be a nice security check if the software was going to be downloaded form the BitTorrent eco system. 


Heck, why not have NI create their own BitTorrent Client that would only list and optimize NI software for downloads?

It could be a mixture of FTP/website/and BitTorrent file download options. 



BitTorrent Option.png

Am I the only one that has experienced the pain of repeatedly downloading and managing software from NI?

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Add an unattended installer option button to all (practical) installers so that no single dialog prevent the installer from continuing.  It will accept all default options and reboot if necessary without intervention.  I believe that this option is sometimes available if launched from a command line, however he button option would be a nice alternative.

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Hi Everybody,
I'm a student, and now i'm interning at a company that wants me to develop an industrial vision system.
I would like to ask you if i can use NI vision builder for automated inspection (VBAI) with the Labwindows/ CVI
If so, how? and what are the difficulties that may affect me?
THANK YOU for your help !
Best regards,

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Would anyone find it useful to have cloud-based, user-definable calculators with a web services to integrate with NI products?

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It would be nice for RF simulations if the 0dBm reference on the spectrum analyzer was referenced to 0dBm in 50 ohms (0.224V) versus 600 ohms (0.775V). Maybe a solution would be to make it user defined.

Thanks for consideration.


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