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Simulated Devices in LabVIEW projects

Simulated Devices in TestStand Workspaces


Link to those ideas in next post.


For integration and station troubleshooting the Sessions, Aliases, Tasks et al would be organized by Project, Application or deployment in MAX and fault identification has all the "tools" any repair tech could want to isolate a failure.


Goal:                Synchronize several Measurement Cards

Scenario:          Synchronize a PXI-Chassis, PC- or cDAQ-Chassis with several Measurement Cards by a simple

                        konfiguration in the MAX, without any Programming in LabVIEW or CVI

Design:             A check-box in the MAX to aktivate an synchonized modus between one or more Cards


Partial workaround: Copy VAS Sept 2011 (compatible with VS 2005 and 2008) Vision assemblies to VS 2010 project. I know no way of getting VAS Vision Help viewable in VS2010.


Note: ignore the MAX Idea Label on this post - I added this just to get the forum to accept the post.

Hello all,


In MAX, you can create a task or virtual channel for DIO


and the default setting is that MAX create one channel for one line


One of our customer ask if there is any method create a task of one channel for mutiple line


but in MAX, you can't set this


The only method for doing this is config it in LabVIEW code


It would be nice if this can be set in MAX




Expanding the Remote Systems category in MAX or launching the NI Network Browser only shows devices in the same subnet that the used host PC is in. However networked devices (LabVIEW Real-Time systems or Ethernet CompactDAQ chassis) are often located on different subnets.


  • In order to keep the discovery time low, only one subnet should be selectable at any time.
  • The currently selected subnet (default: local subnet as today) should be indicated:
    "Currently showing devices in the [local|[1...255]] subnet. Click here to change"
  • Some area or button allows users to pick a different subnet and once the user populates the field, MAX or the NI Network Browser refreshes.



I recently had a service request where a customer was unsure why 30 day evaluation licenses were not made available when using unmanaged concurrent name based licenses.  I explained that this was expected behavior.


Then I generated a license file, used a test machine as a server, and my work PC as a client.


Witihin NI License Manager on the client machine, the software package I checked out showed as 1 of 2 licenses checked out.


However, on the admin side, there was no notification of the number of checked out licenses.  The total was displayed as well as the Total Seats Granted.  However, the total seats granted is unmanaged, so this number stays at 0 even once a license is checked out to a client machine.  I believe that another column should be added on the server copy of Volume License Manager to display the number of licenses currently checked out as is displayed on the client (1 of 2 licenses checked out).


Server View While License is Checked Out and Server is Running






Client License Manager Screen Shot While unmanaged name based license of LabVIEW 2011 is Checked Out





There should be an option in MAX to be able to show remote systems by hostname, OR by IP address.  


hostname.pngOR  IP_address.png


When managing several targets it can be very hard to keep track of which target has which IP address and it is incredibly tedious to look through every target to determine it's individual IP address.



Today we need to configure the hardware in MAX and in System Explorer.


Allow VS to import the hardware configuration from MAX and eliminate the DIO number of ports and port size manual definition.


I guessed the PXI2569 and PXI2570 configuration in a trial and fail matter till I found the number that did not cause an error during deploy.


Import all board I/O configuration and let the user remove what is unused later.




It would be nice to provide a way to get diagnostic information regarding any potential HW issues that may be apparent with the Timing and Sync modules. Currently the only method for getting diagnostic information is through the use of the LEDs (active LED, and Access LED), or through external connections to other measurement equipment. The addition of this feature will better assist troubleshooting defective timing modules.




It would be good if MAX was able to report the serial number of the PXI chassis and PXI controller, if they are applicable.

I would like to suggest adding toolkit version information to the NI-MAX reports.  I would add this information to both the simple and technical reports.