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right now, if I invoke nivlm.exe /exportClientPermissions C:\foo\bar.txt, I don't get any information about disconnected licenses.

It would be great if it had a column for disconnected license expiration date associated with each item (that would be empty/null if no disconnected license was assigned). 

Would also be helpful if there was also information about home use licenses grated against a user.



Dear NI R&D folks.


It is wrong the time zone for Caracas at the Time Settings configuration (MAX 14.0) . Since december 30, 2007 has been changed to -4.5 UTC. I will appreciate if you correct this bug in future LabVIEW versions.

Best regards.


Jesús Hidalgo.





I got a cDAQ 9184 connected to a PC running Vision Builder. The IO-Channels on the 9184 are connected via global virtual DAQmx channels. These channels are available on Vision Builder.


When power is cycled on the 9184, Vision Builder does not reconnect to it. You have to close and restart Vision Builder to get it running again.


My Wish is that Vision Builder is able to reconnect automatically.


Best regards,




It is always a pain finding new hardware in NI MAX.  You never know the IP Address.  It would be great if MAX had the capability to find hardware and configure network settings via ethernet Data-link layer 2.  You should be able to identify all NI hardware with your common vendor MAC prefix and communicate network settings.  I have seen other companies use this to find and configure their hardware on the network regardless of the ethernet adapter configuration.  

I have no idea about how to trigger "Bad Status Alarm" of SV without binding any IO.I have no idea about how to set the quality of IO Servers Output item, too.

So I think it is good if SV has "Update Timeout Alarm".


The size of the NI-488.2 driver files is quite large. I have an inquiry from a customer about the possibility of having a driver that just contains the driver to be recognised by the computer, without all the compatibility files for programs such as C++, Visual Basic etc. 


For certain customers, there is alot of overhead associated with downloading a file the size of the current NI-488.2 driver, when the compatibility for different environments is not always necessary. 

Using NI-MAX to find a PXI-1033 with a single NI PXI 4462 in slot2, I get the following problems,

The various Compact DAQ digital IO modules available can be either correlated or not.


However, there is no information regarding this in the various device specifications.


The information is required because a correlated device is required to access the chassis counters.


A comparison table for correlated devices does exist on (see link below) but the user has to search for it.  It would be far more useful if it were included in the device documentation and specifications along with a supporting information.

Currently, our NILM license daemon doesn't support the TIMEOUTALL function when used with a FlexNet server. The purpose of the timeout is to cause an application to release its license if idle, which is useful in the case that a user doesn't realize LabVIEW or another NI program is still open on the client machine. The TIMEOUTALL command is a standard FlexNet option.


It would be useful if we provided this function, or provided a similar function in the Volume License Manager server product.

When using the Read/Write Variables to INI File step in VBAI and not selecting the Ethernet option the code that is generated still includes this step and therefore requires the Ethernet IP toolkit to run the code.  I suggest that when the box is uncheck then the generated code not require this toolkit becuase the VIs are going unused.  

Ship VBAI or VDM with the OCR B standard file the way that VBAI ships with OCR A.

It would be nice to provide a way to get diagnostic information regarding any potential HW issues that may be apparent with the Timing and Sync modules. Currently the only method for getting diagnostic information is through the use of the LEDs (active LED, and Access LED), or through external connections to other measurement equipment. The addition of this feature will better assist troubleshooting defective timing modules.