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Recently I've been doing some XNet development on embedded RT targets.  Particularly the Linux RT hardware with the embedded UI.  This is a very neat platform and allows for a UI on RT without needing an industrial PC to talk to.  So having support for things like importing a database from a USB drive, or exporting a database would be features I'd hope were supported by XNet but apparently it isn't.


I made a post here describing my use case where an engineer would like to come up to a system with a database on a USB drive, and be able to select it and start logging data back to the USB drive.  Then I thought when the data was being logged, the database used could be exported and saved with the raw data.  This way the data being taken could have a copy of the database used for tracability.  There does exist a SQLite database on the RT target but it is not in any form that is useful for importing in XNet.


So this idea is to add support for more database manipulation on RT targets, particularly when it comes to importing and exporting database.