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cRIO's have console out, but MAX can't read it. Let's fix that!

Why don't we integrate PuTTY or some version of it into MAX? "Console out" is powerful troubleshooting tool for all NI RT targets and more because it tranfers vital information such as errors and IP address information regardless of whether you can find the device in MAX. It's especially useful for devices that don't have hardware dipswitches. It's a great tool, but is useless without a program like PuTTY. Hence, my suggestion remain to integrate PuTTY or some form of it into MAX.

Ben D.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Putty is probably not the right tool, as it's GUI-only.

A better option would be just calling ssh(1) on a pipe/pty and grab it's output from there.

Pretty trivial.

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