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Watchdog Hardware Trigger

It is very helpful if the expired signal of watchdog timer can be routed in the system as PXI Trigger, and so on. Users can use this function easily to increase reliability of their system without creating a Custom Device.

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I was wondering that I can apply VeriStand to test bench which continue to run more than a few thousands of hours, and watchdog timer must be the good way to detect and recover software freeze. VeriStand has prepared scheme to implements how to recover when watchdog timer is timed out, and PXI has the embedded watchdog timer on itself.
As far as I checked the user manual, that mentions that "To implement custom watchdog functionality, first enable the Filter Watchdog Errors setting on the Control Configuration page. You can then monitor and respond to the Watchdog Timer system channel with custom alarms and procedures." To be honest, I am not sure procedures works correctly even when watchdog timer is timed out due to software issue. So, I guess I need to implement cutom device to confiture PXI outputting trigger at time out.

Of cource, I do not hesitate to implements this on my side, but it would be better to prepare this function as default because this must be the pretty basic functionality.