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Tabbing order in Max Dialogs

OK, I admit that I find keyboards a useful input device. And I like to keep my fingers on the keys instead of switching back and forth to the mouse.


This said, I should appreciate when I can use the <tab> key to navigate through dialogs. Such as the scaling dialog in MAX: If I mouse click into unscaled max, I can tab my way through unscaled min - scaled max, scaled min. But -Lord forbid! - not into scaled unit! why not? wouldn't this be the most natural dialog box behaviour? To be able to tab through all fields of interest? Given that LV has a great tool to select and organize tabbing behaviour of user interfaces - why have all MAX dialogs escaped this small improvement ever since (as far as my knowledge goes back to MAX  1.0)

Please give some programmer this half an hour and let him improve this detail.

Thank you