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Simulated PXI Instruments - enhanced ability to configure simulated inputs

I write C# code and I tend to write wrapper classes and methods like: DmmHelper.MeasureDcVoltage( DmmRange range  = DmmRange.TenVolt, DmmDigits digits = DmmDigits.FiveAndHalf): double 

This routine instantiates, configures, measures and disposes the DMM instrument.  That way I can load Test Panels at breakpoints debugging.   DAQs are handled with a using {} statement,  the inputs or output are valid only within the brackets otherwise the instrument is shutdown and outputs go to 0. 


 I write unit tests to test my code.   It would be nice to use a simulated instrument that I could programmatically configure so that it would measure values that I programmatically inject:  Data like:  DC voltages, current.  AC voltages and current,  Digitized voltage or current waveforms,  and Resistance etc.   I inject the data and when I get measurement the simulated instrument returns the data.  The simulation seems to extremely simple stuff but I have not found a good programmatic interface that supports the entire capability of the PXI instrument (Dmm, DAQ, switch matrix, power supply etc.)


Either that or I need to be able to derive my own simulated instrument.