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Simulate XNET devices with minimal support


I would like to be able to simulate XNET devices in MAX (with minimal support). I would not expect these devices to simulate data on the bus. They could help us developers catch some bugs before we integrate with the actual HW.


It would be easier for a developer to be able to create configuration files, databases and test them out without connecting to the actual HW. In most cases, the HW is on a rig which is in use, or the HW is not yet delivered for the rig. We would not need any data on the bus in these cases.


I have been struggling over the past few months, to be able to define databases or use databases and test my configuration UI without the actual HW. And I have faced lot of error with creating multiple sessions, opening sessions after the HW is reserved etc.


I would hope that such errors could be tested and fixed using a simulated device, where the actual messages on the bus are not important.


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