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NI Update Service should retrieve list of updates before notifying user

The Update Service supposedly already checked in the background and found I needed updates.  

Yet when I say “view updates” it makes me wait on a progress bar while it checks for updates.  

And then when I click “Upgrades and Service Packs” it has to check AGAIN with another, extra-slow progress bar.


It should just do all the checking in the background, retrieve the full list of updates, and stop interrupting our work to wait on progress bars.


after windows 8 installation i lost my multisim



Thank you for your feedback.


The feature you are talking about was originally created because there may have been new updates posted between the time where the dialog is displayed, and the point where someone clicks on the button and launches NI Update Service.  We wanted to minimize the chance that the list of updates available had changed so we decided to always refresh the list.


The point that you are making is a good one.  We have recorded a task to add the following functionality in a future release.  When the NI Update Service dialog is displayed, if the original dialog was displayed recently (within a few hours) we will use the existing list instead of refreshing the list.


In addition, in the next version of NI Update Service, we have been working to improve the overall performance.  This will help address the "extra-slow progress bar" that you mentioned and also improve the overall experience of using NI Update Service.