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List License File Name in License Manager

In certain circumstances it would be helpful to see exactly what license file ties to each piece of activated software within NI License Manager. This would be an additional field in the right hand pane of License Manager as shown below.



License Manager Idea.PNG

Alex W.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments

This addition would be extremely useful.  In cases where you are trying to troubleshoot silent activation, or create a script that silently activates (say, for lab machines where you have deployed using an imaging technology - KACE/sysprep/ghost/clonezilla, or a streaming technology like Numecent's CloudPaging) reactivation is necessary and being able to locate which packages you're licensed for (ie LabView_DFTK_PKG 15.0000) would eliminate a lot of hunt/peck/ step-by-step elimination of unlicensed packages).



I agree wholeheartedly with my colleague's comments above.