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License Manager: Provide option to remove serial keys from disk/registry when deactivating software.

Status: New

If the License Manager is used to deactivate software, it will leave the prior serial key in the registry. On subsequent activations, the Activation Wizard will automatically populate the serial number field. I assume the same kind of thing will happen with .lic/.lc licenses.

I can see a valid use case for this, but in my scenario, I need to remove development licenses from productions and disallow users to reactivate the software without getting permission (the serial key) from me. Since these keys can be found in the registry, I can write a script to do this; however, it seems like a feature that License Manager should include.


PS: I know, I used the wrong idea label. We need more label flexibility to cover other smaller NI software!

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Proven Zealot

As I'm sure you are already aware there is a work around (I think I've told you before) But this work around isn't very easy to use.  When you first activate the license, choose to "Use a Web Browser" to activate.  It will then ask for the License but here enter junk in the correct format.  So enter A11A11111 instead of the real license.  The next page shows how to activate online through  Go through the activation process using the real license on the web page.  The web page will generate a 20 digit license to finalize the activation.


Once this is done the PC will think that the A11A11111 was the license used to activate and will show that in the splash screen and License Manager.  Now you can deactivate and the only thing that will remain is the A11A11111 license, which won't activate without the 20 digit license.


This works fine if you have an extra 5 minutes to activate each machine manually, and you remember to do this before you enter the real license.  That being said it is crazy that a software license would be plastered all over the system, and even on the outside of some envelope packages.  This could be a very big issue where licenses are found and shared on pirating web sites.  To get a license you simply need to watch someone launch LabVIEW.  Wouldn't it be crazy if on start up of a PC you saw your Windows license?  And if on the outside envelope of a copy of Windows 8 you saw the license number?