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Improve the camera management in MAX

If you add a NI camera to the computer, Max will recognize that.

The camera is added as Cam0.

In the back a file gets created which includes the Type, Name, Serial number,… of the camera.

If the camera gets broken and you put in a new one it gets added as Cam1. ?!?

If you only have one Camera it will be easy to scan pragmatically and

use the one that you find. But if you have several cameras you get a problem.


For Example:







You want to change camera 1 and put it out. Now you put the new one in.

Max creates Cam4 because Cam1 is reserved for the other one.

It is not possible to delete Cam1. Only if you go to the specific folder and

Delete the special .iid file the port is no longer reserved.


Please implement the management of this directly in Max!