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INI Variables in VBAI not dependent on Ethernet IP toolkit when migrating to LabVIEW

When using the Read/Write Variables to INI File step in VBAI and not selecting the Ethernet option the code that is generated still includes this step and therefore requires the Ethernet IP toolkit to run the code.  I suggest that when the box is uncheck then the generated code not require this toolkit becuase the VIs are going unused.  

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Unfortunately it's difficult to selectively exclude dependencies. The only way to do this is either by calling the VI dynamically, so it won't result in broken VIs if one of the dynamically called VIs is never loaded, or using conditional disable structures. The conditional disable structure isn't possible to have it based on a run time checkbox selection, and the dynamic VI calling method is possible, but a fair amount of work. Another option that we are recommending for users that want to have a Vision Builder AI engine do the image analysis and integrate this with a larger LV application is to use the new Vision Builder API that installs a set of VIs to LV for controlling VBAI, loading inspections, running them, and getting results and images back into LV. I'd be interested to hear if this approach doesn't work for your application so we can better understand how people want to integrate VBAI with LV. Some of the advantages of this approach include:

- ability to control VBAI engines running on Remote targets and have your LV app running on windows

- ability to control multiple VBAI engines (local or remote).

- ability to synchronize when an iteration of the VBAI instection runs

- ability to easily change the inspection in the VBAI envirnment without having to migrate your inspection to LV each time you change something in the VBAI inspection.

- Important for you....doesn't require the ethernet/IP toolkit to be installed. Since the inspection is run in a VBAI engine and not generated LV code, you don't need any of the toolkits VBAI has built into it in your LV install.


Here's a cool video that illustrates this: 


Hope this helps,