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Function to find instrument​s on a LAN

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this is an old question, see here, but so far I have not heard about a practical solution. The quest is to find all instruments on a local LAN that are switched ON (and connected to the LAN, of course). Unfortunately, viFindRsrc does not work. Pinging all possible addresses seems not a viable solution due to the required time, either. So it's possible to detect all serial instruments, all instruments connected via GPIB, but until now there is no standalone solution (i.e.without involving NI-MAX) to detect instruments on a local LAN... :smileysad:


Newer instrumentation (such as mass spectrometers..., i.e. no LXI instruments, no NI hardware) usually comes with LAN capabilities (instead of serial or GPIB). While ten years ago I could use viFindRsrc to detect this instrument (then with serial), now I miss a possibility to detect this instrument which is connected to my local LAN.


I have modern hardware but need to configure it manually...this is odd.


There is some software available to detect instruments on a LAN, but I did not want to use an extra program but a simple function call within C (using CVI)...





PS: I am not sure that the idea label System Configuration API is appropriate, but no better label is available...