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Errors in parsing returned data with the Instrument Add-on results in stopping Veristand from decoding the remaining returned parameters

Status: New

For the AK protocol (probably for any of the protocols supported by the add-on), the add-on expects numbers (represented as strings) for each returned parameter in the device response, but, if there is an error converting the string to a number, all further processing of the response is stopped and 0's are returned for their values


Suggestion: continue processing/parsing the remaining parameters. The final overall error code could be bit-mapped to indicate which parameter(s) has an error and use a base error-code of 0x80000 with bits 0 thru 14 to indicate which parameter(s) had the decode error and bit 15 to indicate parameter 16 or above had an error (or something like that). And the value for the parameter(s) that had the conversation error would return a globally user-defined value (for the driver) such as -999.999 so data being collected or displayed in Veristand can show the data is not available or in an error state.