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Display # of checked out and available licenses on Server using unmanaged user/computer licenses



I recently had a service request where a customer was unsure why 30 day evaluation licenses were not made available when using unmanaged concurrent name based licenses.  I explained that this was expected behavior.


Then I generated a license file, used a test machine as a server, and my work PC as a client.


Witihin NI License Manager on the client machine, the software package I checked out showed as 1 of 2 licenses checked out.


However, on the admin side, there was no notification of the number of checked out licenses.  The total was displayed as well as the Total Seats Granted.  However, the total seats granted is unmanaged, so this number stays at 0 even once a license is checked out to a client machine.  I believe that another column should be added on the server copy of Volume License Manager to display the number of licenses currently checked out as is displayed on the client (1 of 2 licenses checked out).


Server View While License is Checked Out and Server is Running






Client License Manager Screen Shot While unmanaged name based license of LabVIEW 2011 is Checked Out






Shawn S. | NIC
Instrument Driver/IVI PSE
National Instruments