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Custom aliases for CAN/LIN/FR buses in MAX

Currently it's possible only to assign number of bus from 1 to 100 in MAX (e.g. "CAN1", "CAN2", ... "CAN100").


When you are working with test systems with multiple test sockets and each UUT has got many interfaces (e.g. 3xCAN, 4xLIN, 1xFR) it's hard to manage system configuration.


1. Right now it looks like this

e.g. :

Socket 0 => CAN1, CAN2, CAN3, LIN1, LIN2, LIN3, LIN4, FR1

Socket 1 => CAN4, CAN5, CAN6, LIN5, LIN6, LIN7, LIN8, FR2



2. You could also assign numbers that first digt equals socket number, second interface number, like "CAN23" = UUT2, CAN bus number 3 :

Socket 0 => CAN1, CAN2, CAN3, LIN1, LIN2, LIN3, LIN4, FR1

Socket 1 => CAN11, CAN12, CAN13, LIN11, LIN12, LIN13, LIN14, FR11


Looks better, but here you are limited to 10 test sockets since bus numeration is limited to 100.


3. With custom aliases it would be much easier to manage multiunit - scalable test systems and reduce debug time. Example :

Socket 0 => Vechicle_CAN_0, Private_CAN_0, Backbone_CAN_0, Ultrasonic_LIN_0, AlarmDetector_LIN_0, Control_LIN_0, InternalLight_LIN_0, Safety_FR_0

Socket 1 => Vechicle_CAN_1, Private_CAN_1, Backbone_CAN_1, Ultrasonic_LIN_1, AlarmDetector_LIN_1, Control_LIN_1, InternalLight_LIN_1, Safety_FR_1



4. Or in more generic way :

Socket 0 => CAN-A-0, CAN-B-0, CAN-C-0, LIN-A-0, LIN-B-0, LIN-C-0, LIN-D-0, FR-A-0

Socket 1 => CAN-A-1, CAN-B-1, CAN-C-1, LIN-A-1, LIN-B-1, LIN-C-1, LIN-D-0, FR-A-1


1 Comment

I might as well bump this excellent idea by mentioning that NI expanded the CAN options to be 1 to 200 sometime between XNET 16.1 and XNET 18.0.  Not having aliases is still rather limiting.