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Allow VLM Managed Concurrent Licenses in Groups to be Limited to the Number of Available Licenses

As I understand it now, with VLM, groups were introduced.


I could create a group of Developers that has two members and I could create a group of New Hires with 8 members.  Then I could issue permissions to the ten licenses of LabVIEW that I purchased to each group. 


When I add the LabVIEW licenses to the Developers Group I notice that only 2 of the 10 licenses are used for the members of the Developer group.  Then I add the remaining licenses to the New Hires group.


The problem that I see with groups now is connected to what happens when more people are hired at the company.


If two more people are hired at the company, and all of the new hires are using LabVIEW licenses, then the Developers will see a message that all of the LabVIEW Licenses are checked out.


Could R&D make a way to lock the number of concurrent licenses in a group? For example, if we could lock the 2 concurrent licenses issued to the Developer group, then in the previous scenario when all ten of the new hires attempted to open and use LabVIEW, two of the licenses would be reserved for the Developers and the last two New Hire members to attempt to open LabVIEW would get a message that all licenses had been checked out.


I think this could be a very useful addition to the current functionality of VLM and that it could benefit many companies who utilize it!  Feel free to post, comment, or kudo.  Thanks!


Shawn S. | NIC
Instrument Driver/IVI PSE
National Instruments