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Why do messages stay in Dependencies when removing them from project?

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I sometimes remove a message and its corresponding public method when I decide it's no longer needed. However, the message ends up in the "Items in Memory" folder and won't go away until I quit the project and my project is broken until doing so despite removing all references to the message and public method.


Is there a way to remove them from the project completely without quitting and restarting my project?

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I am not aware of a different way. Yet, I have to admit, that I don't have a problem closing/ reopening since it makes sure the project has been loaded correctly. IMHO, just a minor nuisance.

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Accepted by topic author BillMe
04-14-2019 11:21 PM

Classes have to stay in memory if there might be objects of that class in parent-class controls.  Otherwise LabVIEW might crash on trying to access an object whose class has been unloaded. Unfortunately there is no way to get around this that I know of other than closing everything.

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