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Normal stop becomes Emergency Stop ?

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Hi everybody,


I was investigating a bug that i found in my actor-tree based software but i finally found a potential bug in the framework.


I stop the software by triggering a normal stop on the top actor. The thing is that my nested actors seem to stop too early (some methods that should does not execute before the actors die).


I tracked the way the stop message is handled and i found that the final error (in my case error 43) is routed to the, then to stop, then to "Send Normal or Emergency" for each nested. And there, errors 43 and 1608 drive to send an emergency stop. Normal Stop is driven by error code 0...

It seems that only my top actor lives a normal stop, and all the nested lives an emergency stop.

Jonzarwal_0-1582553250852.png / 




Am I misunderstanding any thing? I checked my LabVIEW 2015 and 2018 and they are the same. 

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Error 43 (normal stop) gets cleared in the default implementation of Handle, meaning Stop Core will get an error code of 0.  Have you overridden the default behavior of Handle

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Good catch!

I had never notice that the error 43 was filtered there on purpose. So yes my top actor overrides the handle error and create the problem.

Thank you for the quick answer!

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