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Monitored Actors

@kennychevans wrote:

The Monitored Actors window is visible when running as an EXE. Is there a way to make it hide when running as an EXE?

Is there a reason you can't switch inheritance away from Monitored Actor prior to doing the build? I think Monitored Actor should only be the parent while you're actively debugging.

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Just wanted to give a tip that if you don't want to see the monitor window even in dev environment, you can specify that by calling the VI "Set Actor Monitor" and leaving the input unwired, at the beginning of your program.


kennychevans, are you using PPLs? Looking at the documentation for Monitored Actor 2.0, it says "Previously, it was impossible to disable the monitor when using Packed Project Libraries (this was because of the way conditional disables are evaluated when building PPLs). This is now possible." So maybe try upgrading to Monitored Actor 2.0 if you haven't already.

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