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Create Actor Messages limited to five methods?

Whenever I select more than half of my total number of public methods then right-click for the shortcut menu, the "Create Actor Messages" option is gone. For example, in one class I have 8 methods, when selecting more than 4, the option is gone. In another I have 10 methods, select more than 5 and the option is gone.


Ok, a week without any answer....maybe because I didn't ask an explicit question:

"Is there a limit on the number of public methods you can select and from which you create Actor messages?

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There shouldn't be. I'm pretty sure I've made tons at once and never had that problem.


Sam Taggart
CLA, CPI, LabVIEW Champion
DQMH Trusted Advisor
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Silly question, but did you confirm the macro works on each individual VI? Maybe when you expand beyond half you're coincidentally including a VI the macro can't handle.

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That is what I was thinking as well.  Perhaps a private method?

Sam Taggart
CLA, CPI, LabVIEW Champion
DQMH Trusted Advisor
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Not a silly question at all. I did confirm at the time that I could create messages by selecting half of them, then when those messages were completed, select the other half and create those. I just went back and tried to recreate this and, with my luck, failed. I'll keep an eye out for a repeat.

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