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Actor PPLs for both RT and Windows

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My build system has very little scripting - and most of that is generating a VI and adding it to the library to give a PPL version number based on Git tags. I don't commit this file into the repository, so it doesn't exist in the source, but the builder repository has a template used for the scripting.

Does this mean you don't use the built-in versioning (ie setting the version on the build spec - which you can then see in Windows Explorer)? From your description it sounds like  you just have a VI in the ppl that outputs the version as a string? Am I understanding that correctly?

I do both, but Explorer doesn't show a version for RT PPLs for some reason (maybe there's some extra step for RT?).


The VI is useful (since it always has the same name and conpane) for e.g. displaying an About-style page/getting a list of current versions in memory.

On RT it can be used to generate debug logs (my cRIO writes a text file with all the loaded PPLs and their versions on startup so I can check logs if things aren't behaving like I expect and make sure I built everything properly and didn't forget to update etc).

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I usually just use the VI in the pallettes that pulls the version, but that does only work on Windows (can you tell I don't do a lot of RT?)

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