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AF PPL support LV2016

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Hi all 🙂

this is my first post in NI world and I somehow knew that first one will be about AF 🙂 Im working with AF very successfully for more then a year and I always solved all problems or found an answer here. But now, Im going to be a quite desperate. Im using AF.lvlibp which I make for myself, everything is working like a charm in LV 2014 a LV2015 but few days back I moved my project to LV2016. Everything is working as before but I lost possibility to use default NI message maker in project window. Ive tried everything I know (even few reinstalls of LV2016) but without luck, so I want to ask if there is something different in LV2016 or AF included in LV2016 ? Maybe Im blind and doing some stupid mistake somewhere ... 😕

Thanks a lot

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You have probably already seen this?

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Yes I know about this support and token in ini file, but Ive read this topic again for sure 🙂 And as niACS wrote in first post

"This means that the shipping AF needs to remain in vi.lib, and that you should not modify the template classes."

make me little unsure.. After instalation of LabView, I just copy Actor Framework folder from vi.lib to other position on my disk and from this place create ActorFramework.lvlibp - so that means that I run everything without AF in vi.lib. Then I use this ActorFramework.lvlibp in my project directory (and pointing to it with token in LV file). There are many of other livbps with actors who inherit from this ActorFramework.lvlibp at the top so I created some kind of module architecture where 1 module = 1 lvlibp. Everything is working perfect in LV2014x64 and LV2015x64. But LV2016x64 dont show me Actor Framework menu after right-click to actor or vi in actor.

So I see only place where problem can be in my ActorFramework.lvlibp builded in LV2016. So Ill try to make build of AF.lvlibp in LV2016 from sources I use for LV2015. I involved 3 of my collegues to it so hopefully we will find it soon.

Does anybody have idea when LV2016 offer this ActorFramework menu ? Becase instead of this, project and all dependency works fine.


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after many a many builds, I finally solved my problem. Behavior of LV2016 is somehow different then LV2015, but because I cant see details, its hard to say what happens.

Only way to make everything work again for me was building AF.lvlibp dirrectry from vi.lib, then AF menu apperes as it should and I can build messages. When I take sources of AF out of vi.lib and build it, I never see AF menu again 😞 (but project and all dependences are working).

And what sometimes happened to me is that even when I had opportunity to see AF menu on AF.lvlibp in XY.project (so AF PPL was correctly built), I couldnt see menu on actors who inherited from PPL. There is a trick to create new actor in this XY.project and whole project repairs itself. Then everything work fine...

hope its undersable and maybe help somebody 🙂


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Accepted by topic author PaxCZ

There were some rather significant changes in LabVIEW 2016 to how an AF PPL is handled.  Those changes were, unfortunately, not captured in the release notes.  I will update my earlier post on PPL support to reflect those changes.

The changes do, however, maintain backward compatibility with the support we introduced in 2015.  The INI token will still make the project tools point to a PPL.  I don't know exactly what happened in your case, but I am not surprised that removing vi.lib/actor framework was at the core of the problem.  The tools rely on intact AF source code in vi.lib to function correctly, so it bears repeating:  the shipping AF needs to remain in vi.lib, and you should not modify the template message classes.

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I just updated PPL Support in Actor Framework Project Provider to reflect the changes we made in LabVIEW 2016.

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