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AF 4.3 for LabVIEW 2013

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Having started a project with the actor framework in LV2014 (v4.3 I think?) I've found myself in the position of needing to port the project back to LV2013. The changes between the two actor framework versions don't seem to be massive, but the launchers are different and I also like the concept of an actor stopping all nested actors when it stops.

As the AF vi's are in vi.lib LabVIEW fights me at every turn when I try to save for a previous version, and if at all possible I'd like to avoid re-writing the vi's that have changed incase I miss something (I'm just starting to use the actor framework now so I might not be too quick to track down errors ). Despite seeing indicators that people are using it I have not found a link to the source. Is it out there in the wild or is there a straightforward way of saving it to previous version?

Any help is appreciated.

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I backported the AF library code from LV 2014 to LV 2013 (and to LV 2012) successfully.

The way I did it was to copy the "ActorFramework" folder to a new location (outside of the LabVIEW & vi.lib folders), then rename the vi.lib version (so that it wouldn't be found when starting LabVIEW).

Next, I started LV 2014 and opened my application, then took care of migrating all the expected locations for the AF elements from vi.lib to the new location.  Once that was done, LV viewed the AF folder as just another set of end-user code.  This allowed me to backport the AF library along with the rest of my source code from LV 2014 to LV 2013.

Then I restorted the LV 2014 vi.lib folder for ActorFramework, and similarly renamed it within LV 2013 (to avoid potential confusion).  Then I opened my application in LV 2013, made sure everything was found, etc.

Since AF is all source code, this works well.  And it worked again to backport it to LV 2012, which I used on another project.  Since I prefer to use the LV 2014 version, I simply keep my distribution versions of the AF folder zipped up under a modified name (to help document this non-standard configuration).

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Just what I was looking for, thanks!

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