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J1939 Example code Request

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Dear all

  This is venkateswaran from Coimbatore and I am working with LabVIEW in Industrial Automation domain.Now I am working with J1939 based UUT .In my setup I am using NI PXI 8513 High Speed CAN. UUT Specifications shown some PGN Numbers and SPN Numbers in funtionality so i want to simulate these signal with NI Hardware.So I need some examples to simulate


Venkateswaran V

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Dear Venki,

As far as I have understood is you are trying to connect an can to J1939 based connector in UUT, in this case you can simply make a connector module and start working on it.

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             No ganesh i talking about programming , Specs given by the customer having PGN number and SPN number only but VI given by NI having only ID and Source address.So I want to know how to use the VI given by NI with my avilable informations.

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Hi venkatesh,

Did you had a chance to check this and try?

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Ya i already read this white paper , this white paper shows transport and data link layer but i am having doubts on Application layer.In NI example shows below,NI Example.JPG

But in my case my specs having PGN number and SPN number for telltale operation.So i want to know that how i can interpolate PGN and SPN with this VI.Specs below


thank you

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In this case take PGN as a Identifier and SPN as the data field.

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But ganesh they give some ID and Condition for each SPN like 00-ON and 11-Error where i suppose to give this bit level information and ID in the message format.If you have any example kindly send to me.Can i have yours mobile number.You told me to insert PGN in ID field and SPN number is particular data byte(SPN is 21 means i suppose choose 21th byte of data field and insert the condition data to that field).

Thanks for yours Support

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