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roboRIO configuration Error

I was working on the roboRIO these days. And I try to get the image from the
USB camera from the roboRIO I got.

I was following the instruction on imaging your roboRIO. However, I found the
safety LED turned on after I finishing format. Then I found that it says the
Labview version I installed (Labview 2016) does not match with the roboRIO (the
packet I chose for reform is

So I followed the instruction of "Launch the getting started wizard" and it
starts to install the software to roboRIO. However, the installation always
failed and I don't know what to do and what happened. (the safely LED is off
but the status LED is blinking 3 times every a few seconds. I believe it is in
safe mode according to the user manual).

The message below is the error I received.

Error -2147220312 occurred at nisyscfg.lvlib:Install

Possible reason(s):

NI System Configuration: The execution of an external command, script, or
application failed.

Complete call chain:

Can somebody help me out?

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