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MyRio is in safe Mode and I cannot get it out

With the MyRio I was able to use it in Ni Max. I formated the MyRio then the status LED showed in had a software error. I restarted the MyRio to reload the software and then it became stuck in Safemode, with the LED blinking 3 times. I am now unable to see it in NI Max under Remote Systems. How can I get it out of Safemode and make it usable again?



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Hi Adam,

               Pressing and holding the Reset button for 5 seconds, then releasing it, restarts the processor and the FPGA and forces the NI myRIO into safe mode.

In safe mode, the NI myRIO launches only the services necessary for updating configuration and installing software. When the NI myRIO is in safe mode, you can communicate with it by using the UART lines on MXP connector A. You need the following items to communicate with the myRIO device over UART:

• USB-to-TTL serial UART converter cable (for example, part number TTL-232RG-VSW3V3-WE from FTD Chip)

• Serial-port terminal program configured with the following settings:

• 115,200 bits per second

• Eight data bits •

No parity

• One stop bit

• No flow control


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Hi Adam,


Your myRIO might have the "Force Safe Mode" start up setting enabled. To disable this and you know the IP address of your myRIO you can plug it in to into Internet Explorer and change the start up setting.


If you don't know the IP address and have a current version of NI MAX you can right click on Remote System and use the Troubleshoot Remote System Discovery wizard to find your myRIO, add it back into Remote Systems, and then change the start up settings to disable Force Safe Mode.


In either case I would make sure you have the myRIO connected via USB and not WiFi.



Aaron F.

National Instruments

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Hi Frankay,


Thanks for your response I tried both methods and got an error for both attached is a screen shot of the error messages I recived. Also I don't know if it would help but a few of the files that are normally in the MyRIo are no there attached is a screen shot of the files,

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That is really strange it seems that there is a larger problem if you cannot even see the device in MAX. I would restart the computer and try Troubleshoot Remote System Discovery again. Then install the NI CompactRIO driver as sometimes this will help. If that does not work reinstall the myRIO toolkit, and always make sure to restart the computer after every install/uninstall. Are there any other myRIOs you can use to test the computer? Can you post a MAX Technical Report?


How Do I Uninstall or Repair National Instruments Software?


Using MAX Technical Report to Document Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) Configuration Informa...



Aaron F.

National Instruments

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How do I erase my myRIO or get it back into a normal state? Its in a 2 flash but I only have access to the UART. I don't know the login or password 


Getting it into safe mode ( 3 flash ) I see the boot log. 

=+==============Boot Log=============+=

Booting safe mode...
[ 0.666480] /builds/penguin/nilinux/kernel/nilrt-zynq/trunk/2.0/objects/nilrt _zynq_kernel/linuxU/armv7-a/gcc-4.7-oe/release/source/drivers/rtc/hctosys.c: una ble to open rtc device (rtc0)
INIT: version 2.88 booting
Starting udev
[ 8.585126] wl1271_sdio mmc0:0001:2: found wl12xx_sdio
[ 9.193626] UBI error: ubi_open_volume: cannot open device 0, volume 2, error -16
Setting up networking on wlan0:
ifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill
/etc/rcS.d/ line 87: [: -gt: unary operator expected
System state: Safe Mode (User Directed)
Next boot mode is runtime
Starting NIAuth: done
INIT: Entering runlevel: 5
Starting system message bus: dbus.
ifplugd(wlan0): daemon already running
Starting NI Service Locator: done
* Starting Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Daemon: avahi-daemon
* Starting Avahi Unicast DNS Configuration Daemon: avahi-dnsconfd
Starting systemWebServer: done
Starting niwifibledd: done

Starting nisid: done

NI Linux Real-Time (safe mode on NI-myRIO-1900-031116c6)

Log in with your NI-Auth credentials.

Interface usb0 - MAC addr: 00:80:2f:16:c2:7b - down (primary - auto)
Interface wlan0 - MAC addr: 00:80:2f:16:c2:7c - down (auto)

NI-myRIO-1900-031116c6 login:

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Hi, I am facing similar problem. How could you see the log in safe mode without communicating with the myRIO? Did you use the UART port? Could you explain to me how to do this? Thanks.

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