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MLX90164 IR-thermo sensor with MyRIO and LabVIEW 2015

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I'm currently working on a student project where we manufacture a formula car and then race with it against other schools. I'm currently trying to read temprature with a mlx90614 IR-sensor using  a myRIO. However I'm very new with labVIEW and myRIO so I'm having difficulties getting my setup to work.


I've included screenshots and drawings of both the setup and the VI. I'm just trying to get correct values from the Sensor and will expand the VI to fit my needs later. Thats why the VI is very simple.

The slave adress is 0x54.

The sensor works with the arduino code thet is provided by the manufactorer of the sensor.

So the sensor is not broken atleast.


If anyone could take a look and give some feedback that would be much appreciated.


Best Regards, Emil.

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Hi Emil, 


Thank you for attaching the information. I am not sure what your question is. 


To begin with, is it displaying the right temperature when you run it? 


The only thing that I can spot in the code is the To Word Integer conversion. If you hover the mouse over input and output terminal and have Context Help open, you can see that the output of Join Numbers is already I16. 


If you need more information on programming with LabVIEW and myRIO you could take a look at these links: 






Many Thanks, 


Riley Ilieva

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Thanks for the quick respons. Seems I forgot the most vital part of the post.


The problem we are having is that all bytes are reading 255. I've heard thet there are built in pullup resistors in the myrio so is it necessary to have them on the board?


I've tested with and without the separat pullup resistor but the result is the same. A constant value of 255 from all 3 read bytes.



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Have you thought about connecting a scope to see if you get any signal through there? 

You could also try adjusting additional settings in the I2C Express VI -


Let us know if either of these works. 


Many Thanks, 


Riley Ilieva


Applications Engineer

National Instruments



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Accepted by topic author Saih

We solved it by reading the values with a arduino since we have finished code for it and then send the temprature via UART to the MyRio.


Thanks for the help anyways.


Best Regards, Emil.

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Hi, I am working on similar project to read the temperature from MLX90614 sensor with myrio. I am not aware of what slave address, byte count and bytes to read input i should be giving. I tried some random values but im getting empty array output. Can some help me out with the steps of how to get the temp output from temp sensor. I have connected the pin outs correctly. I need help in the coding part. 

If someone had did the coding with arduino, pls share that reference too. And how to communicate that to labview. Thanks.

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sir can you please share the subvi for the main vi code


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