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Interference myRIO with I2C GPS

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Does anyone know how to read UBX from I2C GPS? I am using Sparkfun GPS-RTK2 board.

UBX protocol intro is on page 28 of 273, and I am trying to read UBX-NAV-POSLLH on page 153 of u-blox ZED-F9P Interference Description.


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Accepted by topic author Sahase_LiYi

Hi Sahase_LiYi,


I found this similar question below at the ublox forum so that might be the better place to get your questions answered.

I am new using this device. We are using i2c bus. I am able to retrieve the revision information using UBX-MON-VER. But I really do not know how to retrieve the positioning data.

Jiwhan S.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Jiwhan,


Thank you for your reply! It helps!

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