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How communicate HX711 ADC module with myRIO via SPI interface?

Hi, I'm trying to build a Labview VI for data acquisition from a load cell. I connected signal wires of the load cell to the HX711 ADC module, and output wires of HX711 were connected to myRIO. For this system, how can I configure block diagram using SPI interface?

I already checked a sample of using HX711 with myRIO. (

However, the sample code used FPGA and I'd like to build a real-time running program on the chassis of myRIO without embedding a FPGA.


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There is an SPI Express VI out there, so you don't even need FPGA coding.
Once you got your SPI data out, consult the datasheet for data conversion, you'll need a bit of skills here.

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there is some information on that in the forum.


it seems that hx711 uses a bit banging protocol, not SPI.


i'll post some links for you to check out:

they are mostly about arduino, but since the problem is the same, it may give you a hint.

Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
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