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FIRST FRC - Damaged roboRIO has red light that wont turn off. Problem showed up during Orlando Regional. Replaced with new and worked fine.

Hi everyone. I am the engineering mentor for FRC Team 4592.


This past weekend at the Orlando Regional, our roboRIO, went nuts and stopped working. After our 6th match, where it worked fine, it showed a RED light where normally you would have a green light. We tried unplugging all wires except for power and it stayed red. When we swapped in a new roboRIO, it worked fine and we went on to join the winning alliance and win the competition.


Can someone help me understand how to get this part repaired?


p/N 155213D-01L

N/N 306CEF7


Our next regional is in 2 weeks. We really need to have a replacement ready incase we have another failure.

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Hello Mighty Mechanical Mustangs,


FIRST of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a huge honor it is to go to worlds. My team and I will see you there, as we will be in the pit and on the field, supporting all the teams as CSAs. Come by the NI Tech Support booth and say hi!


I'm so sorry that your roboRIO stopped working during competition. There is some troubleshooting we'll need to do before we RMA it for repair/replacement. In many cases, what seems like broken roboRIO is actually repairable by doing some troubleshooting over the phone. Perhaps it got itself into a bad state somehow but it still recoverable. 


Two things:

1. Give us a call at 866-275-6964 between 8am-6pm M-F, and we'll help your team troubleshoot the roboRIO. Then, if necessary, we'll be happy to set up an RMA for it, if that's what will resolve the issues you are seeing.

2. We have forums dedicated to FRC here. We actually have an entire section of our website dedicate to FRC at! In the future please feel free to post any questions on the forums there. We also have lots of tutorials, examples, videos, and other helpful documentation for you and your team.



Have a great weekend, and good luck at Championships!

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