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Error -10401 occurred at AI Group Config -

Error -10401 occurred at AI Group Config -



I am using PXI-6115s to drive and sense with piezos. I have a Labview VI for this which uses Traditional NIDAQ. When I run it I get the following error message,


Error -10401 occurred at AI Group Config -

|NI-DAQ LV:  The specified device is not a National Instruments product, the driver does not support the device.......


I have ver 4.5 of the NI measurement and explorer and I am able to run panel self-test. I have also been able to successfully run the hardware with NIDAQmx and Matlab.  Although, when I use the traditional NIDAQ driver in MATLAB the system hangs very often. Thanks in advance for your help!


Muhammad Haroon


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Re: Error -10401 occurred at AI Group Config -

Since it is working with DAQmx, why don't you just write the program with those functions instead of the obsolete traditional DAQ?


I suspect that the only reason you are getting the error is that MAX is setup to use the DAQmx driver. In order to switch drivers, see this.

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Re: Error -10401 occurred at AI Group Config -

I am completely new to Labview and am using someone else's Vi which they have successfully used before but with an older version of MAX. I have tried resetting the drivers and still get the same error. I also reinstalled the hardware.
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