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Data Acquisition isn't showing

Hello. I just setup my mydaq. I have installed the programs, as well as updated drivers.

When I look in Measurement I/O there is no data acquisition logo showing.


Please advise.


Thank you

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  • What version of LabVIEW are you running? 
  • Are you sure LabVIEW is correctly installed?
  • Can you open MAX (the Measurement and Automation Explorer)?
  • When you connect the myDAQ to your PC using the USB Cable, do you hear the "Open USB" sound?
  • If you can open MAX, and have your myDAQ plugged in, can you see the myDAQ showing in Devices and Interfaces?

Please answer these questions.  I generally don't like "pictures" in the Forum, but in this case, a "picture" of the MAX left-hand Pane would be helpful.  It should look something like this:

MAX Devices and Interfaces.png

Bob Schor 


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