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DAQ with Gantner Q.brixx

Hello everyone,

im trying to generate a digital signal with the ni usb-6259 device and measure it with the a gantner q.brixx device. I was tyring to reach out to the gantner support but its currently not available. So i thought you might be able to help me with my problem.

So the signal plan of the gantner device tellls me to connect one cable to the Digital Input and the to the +V power source. My modbul has no such connection, other moduls of gantner have +V channel.

Can i connect it to any +-clamp of my device?


Thank you for your time

Greetings Pasko70

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Hi Pasko70,


it's not like we actually support Gantner modules, but I'Lll give it a shot 😉

As far as I can tell, the "Gantner.png" screenshot is showing the connector of the A108 module (see page 54 of this pdf for reference).

The Gantner2.png shows the pinout for the A109 module (displayed on page 56 of the aforementioned pdf)

The pdf also tells you that the V+ and 0V are not a connectors on the module but represent an external power supply. The other +/- connectors on the A108 are differential analog inputs, not DIOs.

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