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Control SMD-7616 (Steper Motor Controller) With myrio over USB-Ethernet adapter


How can i control my Steper Motor controller SMD-7616 using a Usb to Ethernet adapter with my myRIO-1950?

I've done it already over the  ethernet card on my PC and it worked, now i'm trying to connect it to the Myrio directly.



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Hi Patrick96,

How did you connect to the motor from your computer in the first case? Just over Ethernet?
What driver did you need to use?

I'm not sure that over the USB you could control a motor.
It is true that you can connect some cameras and hard drives to the USB port of the myRIO but not sure about motors.



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Hi AmbrusG

Thanky for your help.


Yes i connected it once directly via Ethernet  to my PC and once over the local network it worked both times. I have an Ethernet adapter for my MyRio witch i want to connect to a Motorcontroller SMD-7616 which you can controll over Ethernet. But im not able to find the Motor in the network when i connect the Motor directly to the Myrio via Ethernet.

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Hi Patrick,


Unfortunately the myRIO-1950 does not have any other connection options than the USB port.
So I would say, that there is no way to connect the SMD-7616 to the myRIO-1950.



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