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Music equalizer

Music equalizer

Hello! I have a little problem with an application I want to develop. I am trying to make in LabView 8.5 an Music Equalizer but so far I am only able to equalize just signals (sine, square....). The problem with equalizing an audio file is that it only reacts to the modifications I make after the whole song is over. In other words, it isn't a real time equalizer. I have to segment the file in small samples, I think, and only then will I get the result I want. So, as you might have guessed, that's my problem.

Can someone help me with this issue? Thanks!

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Re: Music equalizer

Hi MikeCL,

To be clear, you are able to modify equalize sine and square waves in real time, but can't modify audio files, is this correct?  Also, what sort of audio file are you trying to equalize?


I took a look at the image you posted of your equalizer, and it initially looks ok.  I wasn't able to find the "Acquire" that you reference in this program though.  There are several instances of doing this using a DAQ device, but I'm not sure this is how you are handling the signal.  Are you literally playing this out of an audio port, or how exactly are you getting this signal?  Let us a little more about your hardware setup and I think we can get something up and working for you.

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Re: Music equalizer

Hello Ben! Thanks for taking a look at my post!


Yes, you're right!


I'm not acquiring signal from an external device. I'm trying to play the audio file, which is an .wav file by the way, from within Labview and equalize it in the same application, in real time. It's exactly what Winamp's equalizer does. I'm just starting out with Labview...

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Re: Music equalizer

Hey Mike,

I don't have a .wav file to test this with, but from the VI you posted, why don't you pass the data out of Read Simple.VI instead of using the Acquire  Your method looks fine, it's just a matter of getting the data routed into those filters correctly.  Have you tried directly routing the signal frmo that Read into the filters then recombining your code?

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Re: Music equalizer

Hey Ben, thanks a lot!


I figured out how to create that audio equalizer. From your post, some of my ideas and an Labview example I successfully created the eq I wanted.


It wasn't working just by linking the simple with the filters, not in real time that is. Here's my first file, the second and the working one, and a small .wav file if you like to try it.


Thanks again!

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