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Post Layout PCB Tasks (Silk Screen, Pick/Place/Centroid, etc)

Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone has any good solutions for this.  I've used MWO layout to a great success for a couple RF PCB's I've designed.  But, I'm struggling a lot to find efficient ways to perform the "post layout tasks" such as labeling with reference designation and generating pick/place files for assembly.  I realize MWO has the capability for this, but it's incredibly cumbersome, for example, to generate each individual reference designator on a board with perhaps 500 components.


Anyone else have this issue?  How have you gotten around it?




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While these tasks you describe are universal, they are also different in some manner.  For example, do you want vertically oriented components to have their reference designator rotated 90° or should they all be legible with the board held in one orientation?  No matter how we try to answer questions like this, we cannot possibly get it right for all users because not everybody does it the same way.

So, rather than try to solve the problem for only some of our users, we offer a fully integrated Visual Basic scripting engine that allows you to easily place reference designators (using a "filled" font that will print properly in copper on the PCB), determine exact X/Y positions for pick & place, etc.  Please check our documentation for more information on the scripting capabilities, and note that there is also a Scripting page in our KnowledgeBase (

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Thank you for this response.  Is there, perhaps, a repository of scripts which I could use or edit to accomplish my needs?  With very little experience in visual basic, I would prefer not to have to develop this from scratch.



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